Live in Thailand on the Australian old age pension.

The Old Age Pension and Living in Thailand.


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If you are unhappy and getting old, try Thailand.

The Australian old age pension is enough to live well and the people in Thailand will make you happy.
Here are the facts –
As an Australian old age pensioner, you can live in Thailand and still get the pension.
You need to apply for a Thai. retirement visa.
The visa can be renewed each year.
You need to check-in with Thai. immigration every 90 days, this can be done online.

Try a holiday in Thailand.

With the old age pension you can go on a holiday any time without losing the benefits if you don’t stay away any longer than six weeks.
Here are some notes.
To receive the full old age pension while living overseas, you need to have been living in Australia for so many years.

Government info is that information.
If you do not return to Australia after six weeks, your supplements are automatically stopped. That is, your phone allowance, pharmacy allowance etc. are discontinued.
The bulk of your pension remains and is continually payed each fortnight.
If you establish yourself as permanently residing in Thailand then a monthly payment into a Thai bank account might be arranged.
With your money in the Australian bank, you can take your bank card to any ATM machine and withdraw money in the Thai currency.
This is not a good way to get money into Thailand because of the fees and the lower exchange rates.
If you open a Thai bank account then there are more efficient ways of transferring money. I use TransferWise.
Online banking can be a hassle if you are not organized. The bank will sometimes see a strange computer accessing your account and engage security measures.
If your bank requires you to acknowledge a message in your phone and your phone does not work overseas then you might have a problem.
The ATM machines will gobble up your bank card after the third failed attempt to withdraw money.
To open a bank account in Thailand you need a type ‘O’ visa. You should not be able to open a bank account on a visa of less than ninety days, although I’m sure anything is possible here.
The types of visas in Thailand are a subject on their own and if you decide to stay here for longer than a thirty day tourist, you will need to study the form and follow the rules.
A retirement visa is popular with Australian pensioners.
Each time you leave Australia you need to tell Centerlink, it is wise to also tell your bank.
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