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Dig foundations for tank

Enjoying the best of Australian and Thailand lifestyles.

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by Len Hend

Updated: July 29, 2018 — 7:57 pm


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  1. Thanks Rob – I see your order in my PayPal – will get them off to you in the mail tomorrow (Monday) then send you an email – you will enjoy I’m sure.

  2. Thanks Len, i purchased your full set of dvds today as i have kearnt alot from you on youtube. Looking forward to viewing them.

  3. Dear Len, I just recently discovered your painting tutorials. I’m so very glad I did!! I love that you paint and speak quickly. You’re so easy to follow and you accomplish so much in a short time. I look forward to learning and painting a lot!! Thanks!

  4. Thank you Nahla

  5. Thank you for your talent and inspiration…
    Enjoy your lessons and from it, I get moments of pleasure and peace….
    NB: up to lesson 10 and my son is so proud of my attempts….


  6. Len, just using your one free lesson on knife and brushwork allowed to convert a pretty boring landscape of mine into something interesting and beautiful [to me] to look at !
    Best regards
    John Davenport

  7. Hi Carmen – thank you – many more free lessons and information here http://paintwithlen.com – cheers from Len, in Chiang Mai
    Hola Carmen – gracias – muchas lecciones más libre e información aquí http://paintwithlen.com – aplausos de Len, en Chiang Mai

  8. Hola Len, felicidades por las clases, y gracias por poner esos videos , realmente me han enseñado bastante, nunca había terminado un cuadro tan rápido,
    Ya hice el de la clase 1 y 2. Me da miedo el color…. Pero igual me daba miedo pintar montañas y árboles…. Felicidades por la creatividad !!!
    Gracias por la clase! From M?co

  9. Thanks Geoff – the music is from a 16 Track cd named ‘Daeva Jack of Harps’ – Daeva lives in the Northern Rivers area of NSW Australia and he will post a CD to you I’m sure – 12 track CD available Daeva Jack of Harps

  10. Hi Len,

    I really enjoy your painting tutorials and am considering buying the full set of DVDs for my niece who is interesting in painting.

    I wanted to write and ask who the musician is that is featured in many of your videos, at least that are view-able on your YouTube channel. Specifically the tribal flute like music…it’s quite beautiful and I would like to get my hands on it.


  11. Thanks Anthony – you are welcome to ask questions – paintwithlen.com

  12. Hi Len, I have been thinking for a long time to take up painting, now that I am retired and after viewing your lessons on utube I am now about to take it up. Thank you for making the videos as they make it a little easer for people like me to enjoy this art form.

    I will probably pester you with questions in the future, again many thanks wishing you good health and prosperity

    Anthony Darmanin

  13. I'm sorry for being slow to respond yes you are welcome to paint my pictures no problem cheers

  14. Hi len hend I just whant to say you are my hero in paintings and I would like your premison to take 3 of your art work and turn it into 1 painting for a school project in arts and ade I little girl in the boat that is looking down in the river

  15. G’day Len, Mate, I’m not sure if my last email got through (hard to find good old blokes mate) so I will send it again.
    Thank you for your advise on boards and framing, you have saved me a lot of time.

    All the best Len

    Gene (Cairns)

  16. Hi Gene
    It is not good that the board is bowed – the framing will help but not 100% – I would dampen both sides and try to press them flat between something with bricks on.
    Different boards react differently – in Cairns the hot climate might dry the board so maybe dampen both sides before gluing and press them when drying.
    If you cut an 18×16 board and then add a frame, it will look almost square – not always desirable.
    It is not common to put glass on oil or acrylic paintings – watercolor, yes.

  17. Hi Len,

    Mate it is Gene from Cairns. On one of your videos you show how to glue canvas to a board, 3 or 4mm compressed board which I think must be MDF board? I want to make my own frames in the near future. I have glued a few around 16″ x 18″ which is not a problem but I notice that they bow, is this correct and does the board right itself once you frame it and put glass in?

    All the best Len

    Cheers Gene

  18. Len, could you please do some more paint with Len that include moonlight paintings.

  19. i love all your paintings..you inspired me sir.

  20. hi my name is uyi samuel am an artist and I leave in naples italy. I saw your paintings am so impressed.

  21. Thanks Greg
    Am interested in seeing my old paintings and knowing where they come from – http://paintwithlen.com/contact/

  22. Hi Len ,
    I recently got a painting of yours from 1984
    Would like to know more about where it was done
    ? I can email pics oh and it’s a ripper Aussies creek
    Painting, I waited 20 years for my grand parents to give
    It to me lol
    Cheers Greg

  23. hi Len i am 52 years . i like the way you paint . i learn a lot of your paintings . thanks .

  24. Hi Hima
    I am sorry there are no captions on the dvds – I would like to have them fully captioned for the deaf painters but it is beyond me at this stage as I work alone and have little time.
    Thank you for your enquiry

  25. Hi Len,
    I am very interested in learning oil and acrylic paintings on all DVDs.

    Let me ask you this question. Are there subtitles-closed captions on all your videos?

    I am 60 years old DEAF retired artist. I need to make sure if you have closed captions in the videos before I buy them.
    If I were to find no captions after purchasing some of the videos, I would have to send them back and ask for a full refund.

    Please let me know.


  26. Will be in the post tomorrow – should be with you late next week – thanks Gene

  27. G’day Len,

    Just purchased your 6 pack, can’t wait till they arrive. Thanks for getting me started

    All the best mate

    Gene from Cairns

  28. Sorry Jenny I do not have a rough seas hitting rocks video.
    John E Robinson is terrific.

  29. Hi Len in your lessons do you have any pictures of rough seas that you teach? I would like to try to paint something along those lines as in rough seas hitting rocks?
    Thank you

  30. John, I have never used gesso, I put my white paint down and then blend the sky colour into the wet paint.
    For best results – use artists canvas that is primed before you buy it – have all your colours thinned to the same consistency – get your white on fast in not too thin a layer – don’t keep going over your brush strokes, if you cannot get the sky blended perfectly then it is a cloudy sky.
    The common canvas boards sold in Cheap Joe’s etc. are good to see what primed canvas is like.

  31. G’day Len,
    Have enjoyed your work and learned much from you. I’d appreciate some advice please. I’m finding that as I lay my sky colours on, patches of gesso and stuff peel away and I’m getting a really scraggy looking surface rather than an evenly faded colour. I’m working in acrylics. Is it the paint, my technique or a cheap and nasty canvas?

    Oh, I can’t look at an interesting gum tree these days without thinking “Dab, dab, dab,
    Keep the umbrella shapes”

    Good ‘ealth mate. John Warner

  32. Hi Rob – I think you are referring to ‘chrome green’ which I used in my early videos (1980s)
    Chrome colors were abandoned because of there high toxicity about 1990.
    In my later videos I use warm yellow with a tiny tint of blue or green.
    Warm yellow is any yellow that looks like orange rather than lemon.

  33. Hello Len,
    I love your newest painting lessons, Thanks!
    You use a paint color called “Crown Green”. I love the color but can’t find it on the internet. Is there another name for Crown Green in Oil paints?

  34. Hi Len,

    Mate I have emailed you before but I just have to again. Virtually everyday I watch you paint and have seen all your videos from when you were younger to current ones. I just love what you do. You are such a great inspiration. To think that you have been teaching people all those years is unreal mate. I hope in my lifetime I get to say g’day and shake your hand.

    All the best Len

    From Gene Pratt

  35. thank you very mutch for this video art painting its very nice and beatiful i wille be teching and learne more

  36. Hi Maja
    Thank you for your comment
    On my PaintWithLen website there are 2 pages about brushes http://paintwithlen.com/tips/list-of-brushes-for-oil-or-acrylic-painting-landscapes/
    The brush for painting leaves is the large round hog bristle brush.
    If you load your brush perfectly with two colors then watch closely how the paint touches the canvas when you slowly dab once, then you should get one good bunch of leaves – repeat over and over.

  37. Hello Len,
    I just have found you on youtube a few days ago, and I wish to say how beautiful and gentle teacher you are. I am so very beginner, start to learn painting one month ago and have a great desire to paint in acrylic and water color. It is not easy and I’m just watching your big talent and tried to learn from you and it helps me a lot. But do the tree like you it draws me mad, it is so hard to put two color separately on same brush to make a branches. Please if you could tell me which brush is the best to make some branches?
    I adore to you and to your skills from my heart, you are special..

  38. Hi Barbara
    Might be best if I contact you through Skype as I delete all the contact requests (too many scammers)
    You can try – my Skype name is len.hend
    My email address is lenhend at Hotmail.com (am also careful not to tell the internet robots)
    So yes! email me your Skype name.

  39. Hello Len

    London calling. I would like to have some help with my painting that is just confusing me. I’m painting a landscape using acrylics colours and I would like to put nice block of colours in order to create an impressionist look. Is it possible to contact you with Skype in this way you can see what i’m talking about.Would be cool if you can.

    Thank you very much for your contribution into our society.

    Best regards


  40. Hi Len,

    My name is Gene Pratt. I just wanted to say G’day, and thank you for your lessons. Mate what a great inspiration you are. I am 62 and have only been painting for 2 years. I was painting modern abstract. But new I was missing something in my painting. Then I found your web sites. You have given me a new direction and changed me forever.

    If you get a moment could you just send me an email to say hello. I have heard you come home to Australia sometimes, if you do would you let me know? I will do my best to be there.

    Len, you really are the best mate.

    Kindest Regards Gene

  41. Just over eight years ago I took my first art lesson. I was 56 years old at the time and just learning how to draw. I have since entered a few paintings in art exhibitions and have “won” several ribbons. Always looking to improve, I found your videos on Youtube and have grown in my skills and talent enormously. I did a quick painting using the techniques you teach in lesson number three, and sold it before the paint was completely dry. Thank you for being there to help me grow.

  42. Thank you Teresa
    It is OK to feature me in your writing.
    The Thing I like about what has happened is the fact that in the 1970s I was told over and over ‘it can’t be done’ – you can not teach people to paint over the television.

  43. Hi Len
    I have just found your website and wanted to tell you that it was through you that I started painting on 2001. I am currently writing my biography and with your permission would like to include a chapter about my painting life in which I would like to feature you in some detail.
    My story of being inspired to paint is somewhat unusual. In brief I was working in the state library in a supervisory role at the time, when I noticed that the staff had been distracted bt something on TV. I wandered over to see what was grabbing their attention and found them glued to one of your tutorials. ” you have to see this” they said with great enthusiasm, ” this guy is fantastic”. At the end of the tutorial you stated, “anyone can do this, all you need is these three colours and these three brushes”.
    Now, at 52, I had never considered myself artistic, but am always up for a challenge !
    So off I went, purchased the tools needed and set myself up in front of the TV. So that was the start of my painting life, which is still going. I bought all your videos that I could find at the time,have painted hundreds of landscapes, entered art awards, won prizes etc all thanks to you and your inspiring tutorials. I want to say a huge thankyou to you and hope you continue to inspire for many years to come. By the way I have told countless other aspiring artists to take a look at your work too and know for sure others have also taken up the challenge.
    This year I would like to go back to basics and buy some of your tutorials that are now on DVD.


  44. Thank you Gene
    You might enjoy my PaintWithLen website with lots of tips and tricks
    Also there is a page here on my SpeedPainting with easy access to ALL my videos.

  45. Hi Len,
    My name is Gene Pratt and I am 62 and live in Cairns North Queensland. I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for the brilliant lessons you put out on you tube. I am learning so much through your lessons. I really can’t thank you enough for getting me started. I am hoping that you may acknowledge my email by even just saying G’day.

    Kindest Regards Gene

  46. We had an #earthquake here in #Thailand today – it happened while I was filming so I made a very short video of it

  47. Len,

    I love all your youtube videos.. excellent start for a beginner like me. Simple, short and easy.Thankyou soo much !! Please keep coming.

  48. Hi Sascha – my translator is puzzled by your mixture of languages. lol – I do not believe I will e visit any other country but Thailand and Australia as I am now an old man and I like to take it easy – traveling is exhausting for me. Cheers and enjoy your art. Len

  49. hei len ich komme Zürich der suisse,i like your painting,thanks i can learn von dier,

  50. thnk you i can learn,your painting ,i like,i komme von der scweiz,zürich,can you, come in my City?ich wüsche ihnen alles gute

  51. Thank you Robbie – I am in Thailand now making new lessons for you.

  52. Hi Len, Aussie female beginner here. I have been watching and learning from your videos a lot lately and today I discovered one from 1985. Still dab, dab, dab! (Laugh) I would not want to learn from anyone else. Thank you for allowing us to learn from our own homes. Your the best!

  53. Dear Len
    your art high in techniques and legend

  54. Lend your paintings are such a lovely artis canvas. I really like them you are teaching me so many techniques thanks.


  56. Len…I believe you were the first with oil and acrylic techniques. Well Done! You have made an artist out of me….

  57. Len…I’ll have to say you really tickle me with your humor and easy going style. I have been practicing The Bob Ross method of painting, but find your style intriguing and FUN! I didn’t know it could be so much fun! Thanks for all the simple videos that help us all out with your styles to be ‘LIKE ‘ you! Your great! Thanks

  58. Hi Len,
    I stumbled across your free painting lessons while browsing for some techniques on the Internet and came across yours. I thought I’d try painting one of your lessons and over this weekend, I painted two! The first one is # 25 in oil and #30 in acrylic. I was very happy with the results and I have never painted any landscape before (usually i paint flowers and abstract). Thank you for the free lessons. I wish I can show you how mine turned out but my friends and family were impressed! Thanks again!

  59. Thanks Rod
    I worked many times painting in the shopping centres in Tasmania during the 80s (Eastlands?)

  60. Hi Len
    Just a quick note to let you know that I recieved your video’s yesterday ,my 5year old grandaughter sat down and watched them this afternoon and is busting to have a go at some painting WILL BE INTERESTING ? oh and buy the way thank you so much for the bonus video greatly appreciatly
    Have you travelled tasmania ?
    Rod Birt

  61. Hi Lee my name is Betsy and I saw your lesson on line….I’m so interesting in keep painting landscape, threes and Ocean I really enjoy it., I.m just a beginner that was a real shock for me to start with out any knowledge per after some of my acrylic paint my brother told me that is a real talent …..from our DAD …!! He just to do it, now he is dead since 2006 and he never knew that his daughter got a talent ! Thank you so much in advance for your help !!! any advice please feel free ! Thank you again

  62. Hi Peter
    I have email address if you wish to show me your work – am at present a bit slow on internet as I am in transit for a week.

  63. Hi Len. My name is Peter and I saw your lessons on line. I have only been painting sense may of this year on 70 lb drawing paper. I got a good deal on canvas and my first painting is rugged mountain. It dident turn out as good as yours. But not bad for my first canvas painting. I would like you to see it and know that even a beginner can paint with your video. Thanks.

  64. Hi Jacqui
    Yes I will email you for an address to post your lessons

  65. Hi Len
    Thank you so much for the free lessons I have just started painting at the age of 70 I have completed the one with only two colours and trees, it looks very good,I really appreciate the time and the skills you are sharing with us. I downloaded your free video but due to my limited computer knowledge I cant find where its gone ….so is it possible to order the ones I would like and have them posted to me.
    Thank you once again
    In Gratitude

  66. Dear len ,Ian from Saudi Arabia .,I never thought I could paint, i never drew anything or painted any thing which I was proud of . Now I actually did a painting and it came out great . Iam so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with me . Your an amazing guy ,thank you soooo very much . May God bestow his blessings upon you .thank u once again . Lots of love …

  67. Hi
    I use acrylic paint.
    Fog is easy but I do not have time now to do videos.
    If you go to Youtube and find my ‘Chinny and The River -Mountains’ video, it has fog at the end of it. Fog in the mountains.

  68. you r a very amazing artist and teacher i found everything i want in your videos but please teach us how to draw fog
    do u use acrylic colors????

  69. adorei conhecer seu trabalho pela internet,?maravilhoso, parabens…
    um abraço de uma Brasileira,que adora pinturas…

  70. Hi Suzanne – I am not an expert on transparent paints but the Australian Red Gold and the Australian Sienna are 2 colors I believe to be what they call transparent. I use them a bit but can not remember the brand. Am in Thailand and can not see any on the shelfs here yet.

  71. Hi Len thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I will be download your DVD’s. Please could you let me know if I can get transparent acrylic paints .
    Best wishes

  72. You’re a legend! Can’t believe there’s not a Wikipedia page about you… Keep up the great work, lessons and passion!!



  73. Wow, thanks for your video’s online. They are fantastic. I have been learning traditional oil painting, (because i like that style of painting,) however i am just off out to the garage to try yours. It looks really interesting. Have watched them all straight through. some twice.

    Have to try everything before i say what i like and don’t like after all.

    Thanks again.


  74. Hi Len
    I am so glad to have the opportunity to watch your brilliant painting tutorials, I am just starting out and still have so much to learn. I love the way you paint and have gained more confidence by just watching you.
    Best Wishes

  75. Hi I have been watching your painting lessons on line and you are great! Thanks! Now if I can just get the dab dab down! 🙂 have a great day .

  76. Hi Hazel
    If you wish to email my at lenhend@hotmail.com we can arrange for you to receive your videos in the Philippines.
    Len Hend

  77. hello mr len:

    i really love your videos and i wish to order DVD 1 & 2. i’m a beginner and i find your videos very interesting, informative and i know it will help me a lot. I’m from Philippines is it possible for me to order your DVDs.please.

    thanks a lot. hope to hear from you

  78. No problem Ken

  79. Hi Len

    I would like to purchase speed painting 1&2 DVD’s but the site dose not recognise
    my email address, also we have a PO box our mail doesn’t get delivered to our house.
    Can I buy direct from you ?

    Best Regards Ken

  80. Hi,
    I knew nothing about painting but after watching your videos over and over I have learnt so much and I started to do painting in my spare time, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips with us.
    You have given me inspiration and a new hobby
    I love all your paintings and hope to see more in future
    God bless you and all the best in the future
    Thanks a million……..
    Pram Tailor (New Zealand)

  81. Dear Mr. Len Hend,

    Your skill is remarkable, not only painting also you have a good teaching skill.
    I love you too much. Thanks a lot!

    Ajith (from Sri Lanka)

  82. HI ,,
    I just found you site and I was really surprised that you do it for free, but I am on the first lesson and trying to learn how to paint. I know how to draw but I have never learned how to paint,,, I am glad to have found this site,,, I am a freelance photographer and an artist myself. All my life I was never taught how to paint with paints. I have taken classes for art but it was with pencil. I do very much appreciate the free lessons,, when I become good at painting I will give you credit for teaching me how. Thanks a million ,,, Norma

  83. Hi Len,

    I hope you’re well.

    I just had to drop you a note to thank you for your tutorials, which the whole family have enjoyed. Whilst I and my daughter have been doing the painting, we’ve all been laughing and repeating your catch phrases….. e.g.”dab dab dab” – in fact, I find your voice, when combined with the painting, has a hypnotic/meditative effect on me. Has anyone else commented on this?

    Also enjoyed your website, your adventures and your fun stories – you’ve certainly led an interesting life and followed your own path, a lesson to us all. Take care and thanks again.

    All the best,

    Joe (Northampton, UK)

  84. Hi Len,

    I am from India and I noticed your video on youtube in passing. It was great. You have got an amazing skill and what is more beautiful is that you thought of sharing with the world. There are so many out there who are learning from your videos. Wish you were somewhere close by so that I could just drop in to take tips from you… I am so glad I found you on the internet.. God bless you.

  85. Hi Len, Terry Rigney recently mailed you regarding help with colours. Terry is a neighbour of mine in our retirement village and a member of our small painting group. I am the youngest at 70, we all began painting 12 months ago and love it. Terry shared with us about your web site and some of your videos. I have now ordered 4 of your DVD’s and am really enjoying your very helpful website and am passing it on to others. I just want to thank you for your help and generosity of sharing your talent tips etc. It is encouraging our little group to forge ahead to produce wonderful pieces of art. Our teacher is taking a sabatical for 12 months to paint, to do art courses over seas so her teaching is renewed. So Len our little group of 5 intend to meet with your videos to paint and learn till our hearts content. Thank you again. Regards Gloria Mullane

  86. Hello Mr. Hend
    I found your lessons on Youtube about 2 months ago and I have watched all your lessons several times. My very first painting was the one from lesson #2 and for my first painting it turned out pretty good. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for painting with others. I plan to learn a lot from your lessons.

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