Len Hend – Australian Artist Living in Thailand.

Len Hend Australian Artist Living in Thailand.


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Len Hend – 75 year old Australian pensioner living in Chiang Mai on a retirement visa. 2018

More and more older Australians are finding that living in Thailand is affordable and very pleasing.

Healthy living

I live well in Thailand on the Australian old age pension

About Living in Thailand

modern home

The house that Len built

About Building in Thailand

Since 2008 I have spent a lot of my time living in Thailand.
When in Australia I live on my small acreage at the beautiful Mullumbimby NSW.
In Thailand I prefer the Chiang Mai area for the climate, the people and the fact that I have everything close including airport and hospital.
It is not that far from Australia and if the need be, I could be back in Australia within twenty four hours.
I do not speak the language which is not a problem when you have the internet as an interpreter if things get tricky.
Life is good for me here, my lady friend, Saloong, and her village family are happy to have me around which makes me feel useful, plus because I have an old age pension, which is a large income by Thai standards, I do not have a constant worry about money.
Thailand is not just for men.
There are women enjoying retirement in Thailand – they glide around the shopping centers with that ‘I’m in heaven’ look on their face.
A lot of my writing may appear male orientated but believe me, women, couples, families are all here living in this wonderful peaceful country.
Seeing I enjoy writing and teaching I have compiled these pages of information about living in Thailand and about building a house in Thailand.
Many of the images shown here on these pages might appear to be from a tourist promotion booklet, they are not, they are of every day life as it is in Thailand.
I also enjoy teaching landscape painting in oils and acrylics.

Please do contact Len if you have any questions or comments.

If you are thinking of retirement or a visit to Thailand, these pages have down to earth information for the average Australian man or woman.
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