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Home page for learning to paint wet on wet in oils or acrylics with Len

Read about and enjoy the images of Len living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

List of links to 34 pages of painting lessons with instructions and video

Len built a modern house in Thailand, read how and view the images

Lots and lots of painting tips for artists and students using any medium

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Go to the shop and see 70 Paint Like a Pro. lessons available on flash drive.

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A collection of images to look at whan you can’t decide what to paint

Many images of Len Hend’s paintings from many years ago to present day

Lots of images from Len living in Hang Dong village in Chiang Mai Thailand

Images taken during the progress of building a modern house in Thailand

Visit YouTube to see Len’s large collection of painting lessons on video

Read about Len Hend and how he became an artist and teacher of art

I’ve had an interesting life, read some of my short stories from the past

Information about building a pole house ideal for a steep block of land

Old photographs of Len’s family, Australian pioneers from Dunedoo NSW

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