Fencing Your Block in Thailand

Fencing For a House in Thailand.

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Fencing the block is usually the first requirement when building in Thailand.

You will be expected to fence the block before you start building, even if it’s a temporary fence.
I built a temporary fence from bambboo fencing panels which are locally made and very common
The bamboo fencing comes in 1.5 high x 2.4 meter lengths, and cost 100 baht each.
They seem to last well tied together with rope.

When the job is well on it’s way you might want to dig some foundation holes for the permeant fence and you can dump any excess concrete from the job into the holes.
Fencing alignment is as normal. Stay inside government land and on the survey line when sharing a fence with neighbors.

temporary fencetemporary front fence

When you build the permanent fence and it is partly on the neighboring property, you cannot stop anyone from using their side of the fence for whatever they wish. If you keep the fence just inside the survey line then it is your fence.
Neighbors are obliged to pay half of a dividing fence but that isn’t likely to happen.
Thais seem to have a thing about fencing and front fences especially. Quite often the front fence and gates are a status symbol as to how well off you want people to think you are.
Ornamental stainless steel is common.
Security is another issue, many Thais feel safe with a locked gate and secure fences even if there is no threat.
Tradition Before building your house the property should be fenced, this is traditional in Thailand.
After all the heavy and messy construction work was finished I assembled the fences.
At the back and sides are now concrete block walls finished with cement render and at the front we have steel gates.
The steel gate is on the usual rollers and a small hinged gate at one end of the fence.
Welding up the gates was a bit of a challenge for me but the finished job was rewarding to see.
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